Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Autumn Continues

For once, November is not holding us hostage with the typical chilly, overcast, pre-winter blahs as usual. As any Ohioan knows, if you don't like the weather today just wait 'til tomorrow. We are having balmy days with incredible clear blue skies.

Fall also brings us beautiful night skies. Living in the country away from town's bright lights allows us to enjoy the season's crisp, clear nights with awe-inspiring views of the constellations, and not often seen views of the Milky Way. If you live near town and don't get to enjoy the night skies, you really should make an effort to get "out of town" to relive your childhood, when the smaller towns and cities and their lights didn't impede enjoying the night sky.

I've attached a picture of a recent 16 inch bowl entitled "Autumn," made just prior to fall in anticipation of the turning of the leaves. One of my favorite times of year, making this bowl allows me to enjoy the fall colors all year long. The bowl is made by sifting and sprinkling powders & different sized frits over a clear base. The black edge is done by breaking out the ring from a larger round (the hardest part of making the bowl.) This piece has my favorite finish-a sandblasted look that gives the appearance of fine leather or eggshells.

I'm going to take a quick walk to enjoy the evening while the weather is so nice. December is just around the corner and I can't imagine there is any chance Ohio will give us gentle days like these!

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